Descriptive data
  • American
  • President Rufus Babcock, the second president of Colby College (1833-1836)
  • photography
  • 1833-1836
  • "Rufus Babcock, the second president of Colby College (1833-1836). Babcock came to the presidency following the resignation of President Chaplin. He reunited the college and reformed many of the antiquated policies Colby had inherited from similar American and British institutions" (10).
  • Colby College Special Collections, Waterville, Maine
  • 2011_301871
  • Colbiana Photographs
  • The Old Photographs Series: Colby College, A Venture of Faith. Compiled by Anestes G. Fotiades. Alan Sutton, Inc. Augusta, Maine: 1994.
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