Descriptive data
  • Chikamatsu, Hanji (Japanese playwright, d. 1786 or 1787) / 近松半二, d. 1786 or 7
  • Japanese
  • 増補天網島.新地茶や段 / [近松半二原作] / Zōho Ten no Amijima, Shinchi chaya no dan / [Chikamatsu Hanji gensaku]
  • 1875
  • Woodblock Print
  • 15.6cm X 21.0cm
  • Edo (Japanese Period)
  • [37] double leaves. Based on his 心中紙屋治兵衛 茶屋の段 / shinjū Kamiya Jihē chaya no dan
  • Japanese Woodblock Print Materials: Theatrical Prints and Books from Early Modern Japan
  • Theater--Japan
  • Cornell: Theatre Prints and Books from Early Modern Japan
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